Freitag, 13. April 2012


..this song is for you because today is a special day.
Despite the name viola "injured" means it does not mean you are hurt.
there are many who like to have you so as you are. your name has five letters ..
do you know the meaning? The significance of the number 5: The nature of the intellect;
keyword: cognition; associated Planet: 5 is the oscillation of the intellect: Mercury; radiation to expansion:
Jupiter! a little too much science? then yes the song..
Your birthday may well have been four months ago,
that's still no reason to do anything good again.
you're my little angel. (: and God will bless you in all your ways,
for he gave all flights angel, only you do not, because he wanted you to stay with me.
I know it is late ...
But it still is one of the good will?
I won't sing here now a long song.
but you can feel calm flattered. c(:
for such a wonderful, beautiful, crazy girl deserves something!
And not to forget you I'll also do a nice fifteen age,
which will hopefully be with good luck and joy!
with many friends who love you the way you are!
because what you're really special!
and once again happy birthday.
live your life the way you want it.
rejoice! live free! but don't forget I love you!
happy birthday. 

A long time ago, but all these words are still true!

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